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An automated software solution for the quoting and sales of PCB fabrication and EMS services

Leverage the latest software automation to review and respond to quotes and orders quickly. 

Your customers will experience a delightful and highly automated workflow for ordering PCBs and assemblies.

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10-15 %

Using our tools to automate the process of estimation, quoting, DFM, sourcing, project readiness and order management will decrease your overhead costs and increase profit.

2-3 DAYS

Most manufacturers spend hours or days quoting each job with a close rate of 15-25%. By using our automated tooling you will reduce your quoting time to 10 minutes and eliminate wasted effort on opportunities that do not close.


Your customers will see an accurate rendering of their product and any questions about manufacturing, price and sourcing components are automatically presented to the customer. This will create certainty as to the requirements of the project.

30 s

We check for price and availability for all components on the board. If any parts are unavailable we’ll ask the customer what they would like to do. We will also share the source and price with you.



Our team makes it easy, we'll walk you through the process, train your team, and generate a dedicated branded site that your customers can use right away.


Unleash the true potential of your PCB manufacturing business with our latest software automation! Imagine a world where time-consuming manual processes are a thing of the past, and efficiency becomes your greatest ally. With our cutting-edge automation, you can bid farewell to tedious tasks, such as reviewing projects and sourcing components, as the system handles it all seamlessly. Enjoy unparalleled precision and accuracy as our automation ensures consistent component mount types and attrition rates, optimizing your production process. Say hello to faster quote and order processing, allowing you to deliver exceptional service to your customers with ease. Embrace the future of PCB manufacturing with our innovative software automation and unlock a world of possibilities for your business. 

PDF Documents

Professional PDF documents ensure a polished and consistent representation of vital information, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing your brand's credibility.

Payment Processing

Automated payment processing streamlines transactions, ensures secure payments, and enhances customer satisfaction for seamless and efficient PCB manufacturing.

BOM Sourcing

Automated part sourcing accelerates procurement, ensures availability of components, and optimizes cost-efficiency for seamless PCB manufacturing.

PCB Pricing

Automated PCB sourcing streamlines supplier selection, reduces lead times, and optimizes cost savings for enhanced efficiency in PCB manufacturing.

Product Visualization

Accurate Product Visualization offers a realistic representation of PCB designs, aiding in better decision-making, design validation, and effective communication with stakeholders during the manufacturing process.

Attrition Rates

Automated component attrition rates optimize inventory management, minimize waste, and improve cost-efficiency for seamless PCB manufacturing.

BOM Import

Automated BOM parsing streamlines data extraction, enhances accuracy, and expedites the procurement process for efficient PCB manufacturing.

Layer Assignment

Automated PCB Layer Assignment streamlines the design process, reduces errors, and accelerates time-to-market for superior PCB manufacturing efficiency.


Automated communications facilitate real-time updates, streamline customer interactions, and enhance responsiveness, fostering efficient and personalized communication in PCB manufacturing.

Labor Calculations

Automated labor calculations optimize resource allocation, improve cost estimation, and increase production efficiency for seamless PCB manufacturing.

DFM Analysis

Automated DFM analysis ensures design compliance, reduces errors, and enhances manufacturing efficiency for flawless PCB production.

File Import

Automated File Import streamlines data transfer, saves time, and enhances collaboration for efficient PCB manufacturing.


Offering a modern and clean user interface (UI) to your customers brings a multitude of benefits to your business. A sleek and intuitive UI enhances user experience, enabling customers to navigate effortlessly and find what they need quickly. The aesthetically pleasing design instills a sense of professionalism, credibility, and trust, making a positive first impression that fosters customer loyalty. By prioritizing user-friendly elements and responsive layouts, you empower your customers to engage more effectively with your offerings, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced bounce rates. A modern UI showcases your commitment to innovation, reinforcing your brand's identity as forward-thinking and customer-centric. Ultimately, providing a seamless and visually appealing experience not only sets you apart from the competition but also encourages repeat business and referrals, contributing to the long-term success of your company.


Take the first step towards revolutionizing your business by booking a demo with our dedicated team today! We're eager to showcase how our cutting-edge platform can streamline your operations, boost your sales, and elevate your success to unprecedented heights. Rest assured, once you schedule the demo, we'll handle all the details and take care of the rest. From personalized guidance to seamless implementation, our team is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of your business - book your demo now and let us do the rest!

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