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Boardera is a powerful software solution designed to revolutionize the way PCB manufacturers can automate their quoting effort and conduct online sales. It enables businesses to create and manage their online stores, streamlining the entire quoting and sales process.With Boardera, manufacturers can seamlessly integrate a feature-rich online store into their website, empowering them to automatically price, quote and sell their PCB production with ease. This tool facilitates a seamless shopping experience for your customers, offering advanced search and filtering options, secure online transactions, and efficient order tracking and management.

Boardera is the ultimate solution for PCB manufacturers looking to leverage the digital landscape to expand their reach, save quoting cost, boost sales, and stay ahead in a competitive market.


Are you eager to share the features and capabilities of Boardera with your team? Look no further! Download our comprehensive product fact sheet now and equip your colleagues with all the essential information they need to make an informed decision. Discover how our software can revolutionize your PCB manufacturing business and drive online growth. With the fact sheet in hand, you'll have a powerful tool to communicate the value and potential of Boardera's solution.
Don't hesitate, click the download button below and arm yourself with the knowledge to propel your business forward.

Boardera Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet


What does  Boardera offer to buying customers in the PCB fabrication and EMS industry?

Boardera provides a user-friendly platform for buying customers, typically businesses, to streamline their PCB fabrication and EMS processes. Customers can upload their designs, clarify requirements, obtain instant pricing, source their bill of materials, and place orders conveniently.


How does Boardera leverage automation to expedite the pricing process for PCB fabrication and EMS projects?

Boardera utilizes the latest technology to automatically extract project data and requirements, enabling rapid and accurate pricing analysis. This automation drastically reduces the time required for project pricing, enabling quick turnarounds compared to manual efforts.

How does Boardera streamline the process of generating and managing quotes for PCB fabrication and EMS services?

Boardera automates the generation of quote PDFs, empowering customers to serve themselves. It also enables the Quoting team to respond efficiently to email inquiries, automating pricing analysis and communications. These features significantly reduce the time spent on each quote, allowing businesses to be more productive.

How does Boardera facilitate seamless and organized communication between customers, CSRs, and other stakeholders?

Boardera includes a messaging feature that allows direct communication within the context of a customer, CSR, order, or project. The software also automates the drafting and sending of important communications, ensuring quick, consistent, and professional customer service.

How does Boardera simplify the payment process for customers in the PCB fabrication and EMS industry?

Boardera accepts online payments, allowing customers to pay using credit cards. Customers can also send payment requests to their purchasing teams or take advantage of pre-approved NET Terms transactions, providing flexibility and convenience.

How does Boardera improve the efficiency of the pre-sales process and enhance customer service?

Boardera drastically reduces response times to customer RFQs, minimizing the effort required for quoting jobs. This increased productivity lowers overhead costs and allows for consistent customer service. The online platform accommodates customers who prefer working online, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How does Boardera handle the ingestion and translation of various file formats used in the PCB fabrication and EMS industry?

Boardera excels at ingesting and translating diverse file formats, such as GERBER, ODB++, BOM, and XYRS files. It ensures accurate interpretation and utilization of customer-provided data, streamlining the manufacturing process.

What kind of onboarding, training, and ongoing support does Boardera provide for implementing and utilizing  Boardera?

Boardera offers comprehensive onboarding services, training programs, and ongoing support to ensure a successful implementation of the Boardera platform. The team assists with setup, provides training for users, and offers ongoing support for both software-related issues and establishing effective patterns for customer service.

How does Boardera provide assistance to make 'closing the deal' easier for you?

Boardera automates the typical human analysis of the projects and gets your customers the answers, feedback, and certainty they need with a simple way to commit to the deal.


Features and Benefits of  Boardera

What do my customers see?



PCB Layer Assignment 

PDF Quote

PCB Assembly

PCB Board Options

DFM Report

Part Sourcing


We believe in providing flexibility and convenience to your customers. That's why Boardera is designed to accept various file types for uploads, ensuring a seamless integration with your PCB manufacturing process. Whether it's Gerber files, ODB++, xlsx, or other industry-standard formats, we've got you covered. Your customer can simply upload their project files, and our system will handle the rest. For a comprehensive list of supported file types and detailed specifications, please review the provided link to access all the necessary information. We make it easy for you to streamline your operations and bring your products to market efficiently.

Project Guidelines

Project Files
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