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Boardera Software Inc.

260 King St W Unit 205

Kitchener ON N2G 1B6



Our Story

Boardera was founded in 2020, but the ideas behind it have been brewing for many years.  It started with a company that wanted to offer new electronic products to the market.  Frustrated with mistakes and misunderstandings in design intent made by contract manufacturers, they decided to manufacture in-house.  But what to do with the excess capacity on the manufacturing line?  Become a contract manufacturer, of course!  That's when they discovered first-hand that being a contract manufacturer isn't so easy - those mistakes and misunderstandings weren't a result of poor quality manufacturers; they were a symptom of fundamental problems with the entire industry.


That's when "we" set out to build an advanced design intent capture and ordering platform.  We discovered that a lot of designers and manufacturers have the same problems and need the same solutions.  Blending our founders' unique experience with electronics design, contract manufacturing, automation, and web software development, we believe we can give the printed circuit boards manufacturing industry the push it needs.  More of a shove, actually.


It's been an interesting journey - but you can now order your PCBs and Assemblies online; fast, and error-free.

Leadership Team

Curtis Hunter


Colin Oliver

dave workman.png

David Workman

steven hughes.png

Steven Hughes


Employ a culture where people are inspired to be the best they can be.​

  • Be a safe workplace​

  • Expect equal opportunity ​

  • All ideas matter​

  • Invest in people’s growth through professional development


Dependability is at the core of our operations and strengthens our ecosystem of the team, technology and the people we serve.​

  • We do what we say we will​

  • 99.9% uptime​

  • Trust in each other​

  • Consistent hardware and software delivery


Foster and nurture a winning network that produces enduring value.​

  • Understand our customers​

  • Bring value to our partners​

  • Profit for all parties​

  • Help partners scale and grow​

  • Support competitive Canadian Manufacturing​​


Provide delightful experiences with a keen focus on abstraction of complexity.​

  • Create a magical experience for our users​

  • Anticipate the needs of our users to create focus​

  • Collect purposeful real-time feedback​

  • Employ methods in Lean Software development


Create the quickest and most accurate way to manufacture electronics.


We are here to provide an easy, efficient and affordable online platform for electronic innovators to transform their designs into products and businesses.

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