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Online Ordering Increases Profit

The increase in profit from using online ordering for Business to Business (B2B) sales can vary depending on the specific business and industry. However, studies have shown that implementing online ordering systems can lead to significant cost savings and revenue growth for B2B companies.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, B2B companies that adopt digital solutions can see revenue growth rates up to 3.5 times higher than those that do not. Additionally, a survey by Oracle found that businesses with online ordering capabilities reported a 10-15% increase in order size and a 20-30% increase in order frequency.

Online ordering systems can also reduce operational costs and improve efficiency, leading to increased profitability. By automating manual processes and reducing the need for paper-based transactions, businesses can save time and resources, leading to cost savings. Online ordering can also help reduce errors and returns, which can further increase profits.

Overall, while the exact increase in profit from using online ordering for B2B sales will depend on various factors, implementing digital solutions can provide significant benefits for businesses, including revenue growth, cost savings, and improved efficiency.

Some online ordering implementations are more difficult than others. Manufacturing is one of those, where the primary difference is the ability to sell the designer their own product online. Boardera Software has built a state of the art solution for PCB Fabrication and Electronic Manufacturing Services in the form a white-labeled turnkey online ordering system that solves the industries most prominent problem in “facilitating the deal”.

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