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Douglas Fisher

Apr 8, 2024

Revolutionary Partnership Empowers Designers and Assemblers to Navigate Component Sourcing Challenges

In a strategic collaboration set to help redefine the circuit board assembly landscape, tech startups Boardera and Cofactr announce a transformative integration aimed at overcoming industry challenges and significantly expediting product delivery for assembled circuit boards.


Key Points:

  • Boardera and Cofactr's joint effort addresses a pressing issue in the circuit board assembly industry by slashing the time to procure components by several days. This breakthrough not only saves a substantial amount of human effort during procurement and quoting but also ensures customers receive their products faster, marking a paradigm shift in industry standards.

  • The automated data transmission process is a hallmark feature of this integration. By securely transmitting a designer managed, clean Bill of Materials (BOM) to Cofactr, the system automates the creation of both a BOM entry and a purchasing program. This efficient workflow allows for streamlined approval and purchasing, simplifying the entire procurement process.

  • While benefiting all industries, the collaboration particularly caters to the needs of prototyping. Automating the prototyping process leads to cost reductions, fewer errors, and quicker turnaround times, making it a game-changer for companies engaged in rapid product development.

  • Cofactr's platform stands out as an ideal partner due to its turnkey kitting service. Managing complex logistics across multiple distributors, Cofactr consolidates efforts and costs, providing circuit board assemblers and large design firms a platform to easily procure from every distributor. This consolidation significantly simplifies procurement, enhancing efficiency and reducing the complexities associated with component sourcing and logistics in today’s world.

  • Envisioning a broader impact on the landscape of circuit board component procurement and assembly services, the collaboration aims to empower designers by putting critical decisions about design and component choices in their hands at the time that matters most. By automating procurement services, the integration drastically reduces the time required to deliver quotes and assembled products, ensuring designers are aware of component challenges early on, minimizing delays, and aligning designs with current market availability choices our designers are required to make.

  • Notably, the integration supports assemblers in maintaining profitability during prototyping, an area traditionally prone to financial challenges.



[Curtis Hunter - CEO]: "This collaboration is a watershed moment for circuit board assembly. By getting closer to fully automating component procurement and expediting delivery, we empower designers and assemblers to navigate the complexities of component sourcing with unprecedented efficiency, ultimately setting new industry standards."

[Matthew Haber - CEO]: "Cofactr is proud to partner with Boardera on this powerful integration. Our data intelligence, turnkey procurement, and logistics infrastructure simplifies and enhances the entire circuit board assembly workflow, benefitting assemblers and designers across industries.”


About Boardera:

Boardera, a trailblazing force in the circuit board fabrication and assembly industry, stands at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. With a commitment to delivering innovative solutions to PCB fabricators and assemblers, Boardera specializes in providing a turn-key solution for PCB fabricators and assemblers to allow their customers to specify their requirements for manufacturing online in a highly automated environment.  This results in drastic reductions in the quoting time and effort directly impacting overhead costs and time to deliver assembled product.  By co-championing this strategic integration with Cofactr, Boardera continues to deliver value to their users and setting new standards in the circuit board assembly landscape. 


About Cofactr:

Cofactr is the get there platform for electronics.  Hardware leaders get to market faster and build resilient supply chains with Cofactr data intelligence, procurement, and logistics infrastructure. Cofactr is the most extensive end-to-end platform for integrating supply chain data, BOM management, procurement automation, inventory, and electronics-specific 3PL services for electronics manufacturers, integrated with a global supplier network. Cofactr is used across electrical engineering, procurement, and program teams, unifying inventory, procurement, demand, and design documentation to accelerate manufacturing and reduce risk in electronics. 

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