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Yes, we can instantly estimate PCB Assembly pricing without human review. Try it.



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Upload your Files

We support gerber files from every era and every CAD program, and we automatically assign them to the correct layer. We can also read and analyze your BOM and Pick & Place files. 

We will prepare your project for manufacturing to reduce questions an increase accuracy.

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Some assembly required

We're pretty clever, but we can't read your mind.  (…Yet).
You will need to confirm your board options, manually place any parts we can't find, and tell us if you want to supply any of the components yourself.

Work with us to proactively define the job and eliminate risk of rework and failures.

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Your PCB board will be rendered right before your eyes, with an interactive 'post-production' 3D model.  Based on the BOM and Pick & Place information, we'll figure out the parts and placement.
You don't even provide the models - just sit back while we automatically place the parts.

We will show you what you will get before the manufacturing begins.

Seeing is Believing
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Place an order

That's it. Place your order and we will take care of everything. Shipping, duties, customs, boxes, bubble wrap… and oh yeah... It works the first time.

Turn 10 minutes of your time into weeks of time savings.

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Match Maker

We will automatically select the best and least expensive manufacturing partner based on your project's features and lead time requirements.

Allow us to deal with multiple suppliers to identify the right balance of price, quality and time to deliver, so you don’t have to.

How 2

"The folks at Boardera were quick to resolve some minor issues and the resulting boards were quite satisfactory. I would easily recommend Boardera’s services."

David Sullivan

"We are a small company, but we have been receiving excellent service. Boardera exceeded our expectations. Prompt response, professional support, strive to help and user friendly website to access data and process orders."

Kadhim Taki

"Boardera provided a seamless and effortless purchasing experience from start to finish. Their team was happy to accommodate special requests and provide advice and assistance to ensure my project was a success."

Steven Crosby


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Not sure what to do next? You can contact us if you have any questions or need any help, we're just down the street in Kitchener, Ontario.

Don't want to talk to people? We get it.

Check our FAQ

Quick Price is based on industry standard specifications: 

(Green solder mask, 1oz copper, HASL LF Finish)

Boardera claims no intellectual property rights over the material you upload to the Boardera website in accordance with the Terms Of Use. Your profile and any materials uploaded remain yours. 

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