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Use the project guidelines link below to confirm your files and folders are setup correctly

Project Guidelines



What is a 'PCB'?
A Printed Circuit Board is the bare board without any components

What is a 'PCBA'?
A Printed Circuit Board Assembly is the bare board and electronic components

What is a Fiducial?
A manufacturing reference on the board so the machines can triangulate the exact location of the PCB

What do I need on my BOM?
You only need the Manufacturer’s part number and component reference designators. Optionally you can include quantities and descriptions. 

What is an XYRS file?
Also known as a ‘Pick & Place’ file or ‘Centroid’ file. It is a file that specifies the exact location of all the components on the board.


How can I start?
It’s very easy! You can upload a project to the ‘Quick Price’ tool and follow the prompts. Or you can create an account and start your first project. 

Can I create a formal quote?
Yes! Simply add any items or combination of options and quantities to your cart and select ‘PDF QUOTE to download a quote. 


Can I get a discount?
You'll find that our prices are competitive. If you're a student, startup, willing to provide feedback, or you have a large order please email to request a discount.


How can I place an order? 
Simply add your items to your cart and ‘CHECKOUT’. There is no need to apply for an account. 


Can I get help?
Yes! We love to help. At any time you can click on the ‘concierge bell’ in the top right corner for help on your project or contact 


Where can I download my updated BOM?
Your updated BOM will be emailed to you when you place an order. You can download your original files at any time from your dashboard. 


How long will it take to get my boards?
Production and delivery times vary greatly based on projects and capacity. In general you can expect 2 to 4 weeks. 


How can I specify Anode and Cathode?
When placing polarity sensitive parts on the board you will be prompted to “Select the pad for pin 1, the cathode, or positive”. Be careful to select the correct pad! 

How can I make sure my layers are assigned correctly? 

The best way to ensure your layers are assigned correctly it to name them with the correct terms. 


Top Silkscreen
Top Soldermask
Top Layer
Internal Layer {internal layer #}
Bottom Layer
Bottom Soldermask
Bottom Silkscreen

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